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Using ‘kumusta’ in Asking Questions

January 8, 2012


Kumusta kana? – How are you?
Kumusta yung nanay mo? – How was your mom?
Kumusta ang paglalakbay mo? – How was your flight?
Kumusta ang pagbubuntis mo? – How was your pregnancy?
Kumusta na yung anak niya? – How was his/her child?
Kumusta ang trabaho mo? – How was your work?
Siya nga pala, kumusta ka na? – By the way, how are you?
Kumusta yung away niyo? – How was your fight?
Kumusta yung kaarawan mo kahapon? – How was your birthday yesterday?
Kumusta na ang anak ni Lorena? – How was the daughter of Lorena?


Complete the Questions:
1. Kumusta na si (name)?
Kumusta na si Jenny?How was Jenny?
Kumusta na si Leo?How was Leo?
2. Kumusta na ang (pet) ko?
Kumusta na ang aso ko?How was my dog?
Kumusta na ang pusa ko?How was my cat?
3. Kumusta yung bakasyon mo sa (place)?
Kumusta yung bakasyon mo sa London?How was your vacation in London?
Kumusta yung bakasyon mo sa Paris?How was your vacation in Paris?

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