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Using ‘nasa’

December 30, 2011


nasa – at the, on the, in the


nasa cabinet – in the cabinet
nasa kusina – in the kitchen
nasa kwarto – in the room
nasa bahay – in the house
nasa likod – in the back
nasa harap – in the front
nasa gilid – in the side
nasa banyo – in the comfort room
nasa bakuran – in the backyard
nasa lamesa – in the table
nasa palengke – in the market
nasa simbahan – in the church


Example Sentence:
My mom is in the room. – Si nanay ay nasa kwarto.
Jenica is in the side of the tree. – Nasa gilid ng puno si Jenica.
Father and I are in the church. – Si tatay at ako ay nasa simbahan.
Bill is in the comfort room. – Si Bill ay nasa banyo.
Emily and Lovell are in the backyard. – Sina Emily at Lovell ay nasa bakuran.
My notebook is in the table. – Ang notebook ko ay nasa lamesa.

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