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Using 'rin' and 'din'


Apr 12, 2011

When using “rin” the proceeding sound is vowel and when using the “din” the proceeding sound is consonant.

Masaya siya. (He is happy.)
Use “rin” because the proceeding sound is vowel.
Answer: Masaya rin siya. (He is happy too.)

Mahirap kami. (We are poor.)
Use “din” because the proceeding sound is constant.
Answer: Mahirap din kami. (We are poor too.)

another examples: 
1. Siya ay kakaiba. (She is different.)
Answer: Siya rin ay kakaiba. (He is different too.)
2. May tindahan sila. (They have a store.)
Answer: May tindahan din sila. (They have store also.)
3. Mataas ang puno. (The tree is tall.)
Answer: Mataas din ang puno. (The tree is tall too.)
4. Maganda si Rose. (Rose is pretty.)
Answer: Maganda rin si Rose. (Rose is pretty too.)
5. Si lola ay sumayaw. (Grandma is dancing.)
Answer: Si lola rin ay sumayaw. (Grandma is dancing too.)

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