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‘Wait’ in Tagalog

October 30, 2011


Wait – teka

Tagalog Synonyms: teka, sandali


Most Filipinos say’s 'Wait lang’, which means just wait. ‘Teka muna’ is the most popular in Americans that means ‘wait’.

Wait in Tagalog
teka muna
teka lang
hintay lang
sandali lang
hintay muna

‘Muna’ and ‘lang’ are Tagalog words added on the sentence to expresses more feelings on it.

Wait for a while – hintay muna ng ilang sandali
Just wait – hintay muna, teka muna,
Let’s wait – teka lang, hintay lang, sandali lang
Just wait there – Hintay ka lang dyan
Wait for a second – Hintay muna ng ilang segundo


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